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My Keto Weight Loss Journey



My name is Claire, I am a 32 year old married mum of 9 children under 11 year of age. I am a stay at home mum and I also home school my children full time. My family means the absolute world to me.

10 weeks after the birth of my ninth child, my first son, I was not feeling the best about my overall health especially my weight. I knew something needed to change if I wanted to be the best mum and wife possible. I stood on the scales and I was shocked to see that I weighed 106  kilos and at that moment I felt so horrible and not worthy! How could I let myself get like this?! I really felt so down.

I needed to change my eating habits and fast! I knew this was going to be a difficult task, especially since my eating habits had been bad for over 12 years!

I felt miserable, fat, and unattractive. It’s sad I know! But unless I made a change, I feared that the reasons I mentioned above would spiral out of control! I wanted to set a better example for my family. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could make this change.

My husband and I did a lot of research on what the best diet plan would be and we came across the Keto diet. The Keto diet is a low-carb, high fat, low sugar, moderate protein diet. We researched the diet a lot and decided to go ahead and give it a good old go. It is not easy to begin with that’s for sure but I was ready to do this. I had to cut out all wheat products, rice, pasta, milk and anything that was high in carbs and sugars. At first I thought this was terrible but after a while I found there were some great alternatives out there.

After my first 7 days on this diet and cutting out all the carbohydrates I lost 4.5 kilos. I guess it was mostly water weight but I could instantly see the difference around my face. I was totally shocked! I felt really happy. The next few weeks were steady. I was losing 500 grams to 1 kilo a week and some weeks I was losing 1-3 kilos. 

In these last 12 months I have lost 25 kilos and I am very proud of myself for achieving this. During this time I have changed my whole mindset when it comes to food whereas before I would overeat and I didn’t know when to stop!

I still have 9-10 kilos left to lose and I hope to achieve this over the next few months. I am now more determined than ever to achieve my goals.You will see no more excuses from me that’s for sure! Being a busy young mum of 9 won’t stop me from achieving my weight loss goal!


You can follow my journey…

Instagram – @thistribeofmineofficial

Love Claire








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