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The Journey of Kara and 180 Cakes.

As a chef who specialised in desserts my diet was incredibly poor. I was tired all the time and was on a cycle of sugar addiction where I would use sugar and carbs to keep me going throughout the day. I could nap at any time and I would sleep away my days off work. I knew this had to stop so at the end of 2016 I decided to quit sugar and since then I have been on the search for optimum whole-body health.

It started by cutting out sugar and highly processed products and this really helped with my energy levels and my mood. I’ve slowly been eliminating foods from my diet that made me feel less then healthy and reintroducing foods, like those containing healthy fats, that give me energy. I eliminated coffee and found that made no difference so I reintroduced it. I have recently realised that my joint pain is directly effected by the amount of dairy in my diet. It’s very interesting experimenting with how different foods make me feel and I love how in tune I am with my body now.

​​In early 2017 I really missed baking sweets so I decided to create a sugar free, gluten free chocolate cake recipe that wouldn’t have negative impacts on my health but most importantly would taste ‘like the real thing’ and wouldn’t taste like I was missing out. It took me seven months of experimentation to create my chocolate cake mix because I refused to compromise on taste and quality. And other people loved it too!! It was safe for my friends with Coeliac disease, it didn’t spike the blood glucose levels of my friends with diabetes, and they wanted more.

People were asking for more products from me and the ability to make these treats for themselves. So, in February 2018 I launched the 180 Cakes packet mixes and the Keto and Low Carb communities found my products. Since then I have been on an exciting whirl wind journey of non-stop learning about how to run a business.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased my products and supported my business. 180 Cakes has grown and continues to grow thanks to everyone’s love, support and feedback for which I am incredibly grateful for.

By Kara from @180CakesAU

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