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My Keto Journey.

It’s been 2.5 years since I changed my lifestyle and added keto to it, when I look back on it all now it feels like I could split it into chapters of a book. There’s the beginning where i researched the foods I should and shouldn’t eat, emptied all my cupboards of the wrong foods, went shopping for all the “healthier”foods, took note of new recipes, wrote down my starting weight, took my before photos and began.

Then there’s the middle chapter where the weight was coming off and I was starting to see it and feel great, I had found running, I was shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes and friends were noticing the changes.

Then there’s the point where I reached my final weight destination, 24kg gone. I decided to maintain this weight and lifestyle with keto and running and intermittent fasting and thought why not start an Instagram page to keep me accountable. Which is when was born. Little did I know just how much this would help me grow and how many wonderful people I would meet along the way.

I think when you decide to make these sort of changes in your life it’s going to challenge you and a challenge no matter the outcome will always bring a new strength.

There is a quote I love “fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself”

Becoming a healthier version of myself has cleared my mind, given me confidence, self belief, inner strength, outer beauty, self love, self respect. I no longer have time for toxic people in my life, I don’t last long around negativity and I choose to surround my self with positive, loving and meaningful people.

Keto for me is not just following a way of eating, it’s choosing to live a healthier life, it’s creating a healthy relationship with food, its choosing to be a better me, a better mum, wife and friend. Combine that with my new found passion for running and I am a brand new me.

By Anna from